Quartz crystal, a story of energy

Since the 1940s scientists have developed thousands of applications for quartz crystals. Quartz crystals are composed of 99.9% silica and their structure is a network of interconnected SiO4 tetrahedra (four-sided pyramids). Quartz crystals receive all forms of energy, which they then store, transform, amplify and transmit. This is due to their innate capacity to vibrate at many different frequencies.

Thousands of high-tech uses for crystals

A computer’s ‘central intelligence’ is composed of microchips made from a product derived from quartz. It is the quartz crystal which allows a quartz watch to keep time with such precision. This crystal is what makes all our modern technology functional: cell phones, televisions, radios, security cameras, electronic games, ultrasound; to name but a few!

Crystals used throughout the ages

Actually, the use of quartz crystals is as old as the human race. For thousands of years quartz crystals have been used for survival in the form of arrowheads, knife blades and fire lighters. The original ‘power tool,’ crystals were used as talismans, to predict the future and to transmit healing energy.

Rough crystals show amazing geometry and symmetry of form

When we examine quartz crystals we are immediately struck by their geometric, crystalline appearance. We notice that they are hexagonal (six-sided) points that exist individually or in clusters.

We share our expertise with passion!

At Mine Cristal we introduce the visitor to quartz crystals in all their different facets: scientific, energetic, esthetic and musical. We are passionate about crystals! Each member of our team has received a thorough training and is ready to share their knowledge, with good humor and enthusiasm, with visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

See photos of crystals.

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