Here is a beautiful video made for La Fabrique Culturelle by Télé-Québec (December 2016).



Here is the video of “Sailing the China Seas”, an original composition performed by Gaudry Normand on a Concert CrystalLyre:

“Manitou,” composed and performed by Gaudry Normand. An ode to silica – eagle feathers, crystal drum, rainstick, crystal pyramids, CrystalSolo. A visionary journey In the Native American style. Recorded in our concert hall at Mine Cristal:

The Master Crystal, an article published in two parts in the magazine Essentiel in 2013 (translated from the original in French):

L'essentiel partie 2 Anglais final v5 2

L'essentiel partie 1 Anglais final v5 2

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