A great selection of crystals in our store

In our large store, we specialize in quartz crystals and semiprecious gemstones, both in their natural (rough) form and worked as art objects and jewelry. For example, you will find:

  • Rough quartz crystals extracted by hand from our crystal mine
  • Wishing trees made by us, using rough crystals from our crystal mine
  • Rough crystal specimens from Brazil, Madagascar, Arkansas, New York (Herkimer) and the Himalayas
  • Amethyst and citrine geodes (“crystal caves”) in different sizes
  • Quartz crystal and other types of gemstones, worked into spheres, pyramids, healing wands, massage wands, eggs, hearts, skulls, obelisks, pendulums, wind chimes and much more!
  • Thousands of tumbled stones, in a rainbow selection of gemstones!
  • Magnetic stones (“singing magnets”) and magnetic jewelry
  • Natural gemstone jewelry in every price range
  • Lamps and candleholders made of salt, selenite and quartz
  • Sparkling glass crystal “diamonds”, prisms ‘sun catchers’), etc.
  • Health food supplements and gels made of pure silica, essential for the health of bones, joints, skin and nervous system
  • Crystal musical instruments, such as crystal singing bowls, Crystal Didgeridoos™ and Crystal Harps™
  • And lots more: new products arrive often!

See the photos of the store.

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