Quartzophone H2

The Quartzophone H2, with arced maple wood frame.

History of Quartzophone® instruments (crystal harps)

The result of more than 12 years of research, development and invention by Gaudry Normand, we began selling the first crystal harps in 2011. Here is a new kind of crystal singing instrument, the newest member of a large family of musical instruments which includes crystallophones, xylophones and vibraphones. The unique mechanism of this instrument is patented in many countries. See photos of the original crystal harp.

We produce Quartzophone instruments in our crystal workshop at Mine Cristal, Bonsecours. These top quality instruments have a crystalline sound and a special timbre which distinguishes them from all other musical instruments.

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A gift for well-being in the 21st century

Quartz crystal is a natural, noble material that possesses an immense vibratory capacity. Quartz crystal is innately piezoelectric and highly elastic; it we feel its palpable acoustic energy immediately; it can be compared to a massage that relaxes and uplifts.

Quartzophone instruments – with their patented mechanisms – produce powerful, resonant sounds which are multidirectional and multidimensional; one could even say omnidirectional.

A musical instrument and much more

Meditators, music therapists, musicians, yoga practitioners, Reiki masters  and geobiolobists alike have all begun to use this marvellous instrument. This consistently amazing instrument will fulfill the performer’s expectations as well as the audience!

It is so easy to play, even non-musicians tell us how they enjoy playing the instrument to facilitate meditation, to complement the crystal vessels (singing bowls), as the perfect way to wind down a yoga session, to bring peace and harmony into a space or a meeting, etc.

The H2: a new version of the crystal harp

Here is the new and improved version of our original crystal harp: the instrument is now much lighter. The tubes are mounted on a beautiful canadian birdseye maple wood frame. This straight-frame model now also has a natural, 3-D arced shape, which gives improved ergonomy and facilitates holding and playing the instrument.

An extrordinary sound

The noble materials of the H2 are in perfect accord! Pure crystal tubes resonate in concert with a natural, wooden frame and produce very soothing music: everyone is sure to be charmed by it!

The Quartzophone H2 has eight pure quartz crystal tubes (99.9% SiO2). The tubes are perfectly and harmoniously tuned to the seven notes plus octave of the C major scale, either in 432 Hz or in 442 Hz.

Note: the H2 is tuned perfectly and permanently and will never go out of tune, even if it is moved or if environmental conditions vary (temperature, humidity, etc.).

The extraordinary sound of the Quartzophone L1 is based on our patented system. This unique system is composed of several mechanisms, including tension-adjusting keys or screws, two continuous strings in an angular, zigzag pattern and slender metal pins specifically designed to support the strings and the tubes. This allows the tubes to oscillate freely – even while they remain exactly centred between the pins – creating an amazing and celestial sound!

The strikers are another of our unique inventions: we make them in a material that has a specific density, mold them into a rounded shape, then cover them by hand with a special felt. This design prevents harsh striking noises when playing, and creates pure, cristaline, nourishing and sweet sounds. By simply tapping lightly on the tubes and by gliding the striker over several tubes, you can easily create a sustained synergy of sound, a crystal symphony.

Technical details

The Quartzophone H2 is featherweight, weighing in at only 1.5 kg (3.3 pounds). It measures approximately 48 cm high (19 inches).

The H2 comes with two strikers, a transparent presentation stand (2 pieces that can be separated for travel) and a custom-designed, padded, soft-sided case. On the custom-designed case you will find our Quartzophone trademark as well as pockets designed specially for carrying the accessories.

Like the L1, the H2 is a Quartzophone-brand instrument, handmade exclusively in Canada, in the crystal workshop at Mine Cristal, Bonsecours. Each instrument is engraved with our trademark and a unique serial number. We give a one-year guarantee on each instrument.

Note: we also produce deluxe, limited edition models (13-tube models, models in ebony, zebrano, purpleheart, etc.). Contact us for more information.

Modèles Lyre & Harpe, 2017

Different ways to play

The Quartzophone H2 is very easy to play; both beginners and professional musicians appreciate this. You can play it while holding it against your body with one hand while steadying it against your shoulder; this allows for free and easy movement while holding the instrument. Try playing it while swaying back-and-forth; this produces amazing, Doppler-like effects! You can also play it upright on its stand or laid horizontally on a table; in this case you can use both strikers.

The H2 is a versatile instrument and can be used in many different contexts: for its acoustic quality, as a musical instrument, for therapy and to facilitate meditation.

How to order

Visit our store to try out an H2 when we hold one of our crystal event days (see the Schedule page), or you can take a private appointment to come and choose your instrument. We keep the H2 in stock at all times.

Do you live far away from Bonsecours? Contact us to have an instrument shipped directly to your door, or to purchase from an authorized distributor  near you.

Note to retailers: if you are interested in becoming an authorized retailer, please contact us.

Special Event Days

Why not come experience crystal musical instruments at a Sonomeditation™ concert? Visit the Schedule page to see when the next concert will be held.

To receive news via email, contact us. You can also follow us on our Facebook page, where crystal events (store opening and Sonomeditation concert) are posted several weeks beforehand.

In this video, recorded in 2012, Gaudry presents his invention, the first-ever crystal harp and plays his original composition, “Ascension”.

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 Sonomeditation is a trademark of Gaudry Normand.

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