The Quartzophone® H1 (crystal harp) was designed by Gaudry Normand and is the result of more than 12 years of research, development and invention. The instrument has a crystalline sound and unique timbre. The Quartzophone H1 is a crystal singing instrument that can be classified as a member of various families of musical instruments, such as crystallophones, xylophones and vibraphones.

A new and extrordinary sound

This instrument is handmade exclusively in Canada, in the crystal workshop at Mine Cristal, Bonsecours, Quebec. It has tubes composed of pure rock-crystal, i.e. 99.9% silica (SiO2), mounted on a transparent acrylic base. This unique Quartzophone instrument is patented in many countries worldwide. Its mechanism, composed of keys, strings and metal pins, creates the ideal angles to hold the strings and suspend the tubes. This unique structure gives optimal vibration space to the tubes and creates an amazing and celestial sound!

Permanently in tune

The tubes are precision tuned and can thus accompany any other musical instrument. The Quartzophone H1 is permanently tuned and will not lose it’s tuning, even if it is moved or if ambient conditions vary (temperature, humidity, etc.).

A gift for well-being in the 21st century

Rock crystal is a noble, natural material that possesses an immense vibratory capacity. The Quartzophone H1 produces powerful, resonant sounds which are multidirectional and multidimensional; one could even say they are omnidirectional. Rock crystal, which is innately piezoelectric and highly elastic, gives off a palpable acoustic energy that we feel intimately, and which can be compared to a massage that relaxes and uplifts.

A musical instrument and much more

The eight quartz crystal tubes of the Quartzophone H1 are tuned exactly to a C-major scale with octave. Musicologists, music therapists, orchestra musicians, soloists and singers alike have begun to incorporate this marvellous instrument into their realm of music. This consistently amazing instrument will fulfill the performer’s expectations as well as the audience! It is so easy to play, even non-musicians tell us how they enjoy playing the instrument to facilitate meditation, to complement the crystal vessels (singing bowls) and as the perfect way to wind down a yoga session.

Technical details

The Quartzophone H1 measures approximately 53 cm high (21 inches) and weighs approximately 2 kg (4.6 pounds). It can be played using one hand, while being held against the chest: this allows for free and easy movement by the musician. It can also be played upright on it’s stand, or laid down flat on a table. Each instrument comes with a transparent stand (two pieces that disassemble for easy transport), two strikers and a padded soft-sided carrying case. We also offer custom-made instruments that are larger or smaller than the standard model.

How to order

Please come by when the store is open to see and hear this divine instrument. We keep them in stock at all times. You can also contact us to have an instrument shipped directly to your door, or to find the retailers near you.

Note for retailers: if you wish to purchase for retail resale in your country, please contact us.

Learn more

We invite you to a presentation of the crystal musical instruments at a Unison® mini-concert, or to come and have an in-depth experience during a Unison® wholeness concert. Additionally, workshops (in French) are given every summer and we also offer private lessons in person or via Skype. Dates and times for workshops and concerts are posted on the calendar.  To add your name to our mailing list, please contact us.

See photos of the Quartzophone H1.

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