“Mine Cristal, where sound and crystaline frequencies bring well-being.”

“Clear Impulse,” an original composition for clear crystal vessels (singing bowls). Composed and performed by Gaudry Normand. Recorded in the concert hall at Mine Cristal:

Video of Pauline Normand, playing the Quartzophone® L1 (crystal lyre) and the crystal vessels (singing bowls). Do you recognize the well-known musical themes that are interwoven in this original composition?



In 1994, Gaudry and Pauline Normand discovered the pure tones and the energy-enhancing properties of pure quartz crystal vessels (singing bowls). In 1996 they published their first album, CrystalÉnergie. Pioneers in this field, they have  given over 1,250 meditative Unison® concerts to date: in Canada, Europe, India, Egypt and the United States.

Unison concerts: meditation on crystal instruments

During the summer, we occasionally give concerts at Mine Cristal. This activity is structured in order to facilitate a direct, personal experience of quartz crystal instruments as musical, vibratory, therapeutic and meditative tools.

The concert begins with a brief presentation on the history and properties of these unusual instruments. Then we teach you the basic precepts of how to meditate on the cristaline sounds using the Unison meditation method, a simple technique which is easy to practice. During the concert, which lasts about 30 minutes, we play harmoniously on 100 perfectly tuned instruments, making them ‘sing.’ You will hear the crystal vessels, the crystal didgeridoo and the Quartzophone® instruments (crystal harp and lyre).

During the concert you can sit back and absorb the crystaline energy. The crystal instruments produce sounds that are absolutely unique. You can close your eyes and let the music flow gently over and through you. In this way you meditate and enjoy a peaceful feeling.

(Admission 12 years and older.)

(All concerts take place in the concert hall on the second floor; access is by a staircase.)

Practical matters

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We receive groups by private appointment for a meditative Unison concert and visit to the store-museum. Minimum 40 persons, maximum 90 persons. One is comfortably seated in our performance hall, which is located on the second floor; access is by stairway. Allow for at least 3 hours total, for this activity. Rates begin at 20 $ per person, tax is additional. Contact us for more information.

See photos of the concerts.


CrystalÉnergie (1996): Gaudry Normand plays his own compositions on the crystal vessels. Recorded in the Kheops pyramid in Egypt and in studio, this album brings deep relaxation and facilitates expanded awareness. These compositions were conceived of as an exploration of the many possible ways of playing this new instrument. There is the chakra set, the pentatonic set, the binaural and multinaural sets, the vessels played with a violin bow, the dolphin sound, the perfectly tuned vessels, head songs accompanied by the vessels, etc. Click here to hear, purchase and download the album!

Crystal Christmas (Noël de cristal, 2005): Gaudry and Pauline Normand play Christmas carols and original compositions on the crystal vessels. An album that evokes the true spirit of Christmas. All the pieces on this album were recorded on perfectly tuned vessels. This allows for a completely harmonious and pure experience. Click here to hear, purchase and download the album!

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