The crystal workshop is located at Mine Cristal, the crystal sanctuary, where a natural energy vortex is created by the presence of a giant quartz vein and large quantities of quartz crystals underground. Here, crystal artisans conceive, create and make products composed of pure silica and quartz crystals.


Since 1989 we have been producing handmade jewelry and crystal wishing trees, using rough crystals from our mine. In 2000, Gaudry Normand invented the crystal didgeridoo and began producing this new instrument. In 2011, after more than 12 years of research and development, Gaudry invented the Quartzophone® H1 (crsytal harp) and began producing this divine new instrument.

The crystal didgeridoo

The crystal didgeridoo is a member of the horn family of musical instruments, a successor to the ancient hornlike instruments that are still played today in Australia, Tibet, India and Scandinavia. Handmade here at in our crystal workshop, this new instrument contains a high percentage of silica, (more than 80% SiO2), a highly elastic mineral. This property, along with the unique shape of the instrument, gives the crystal didgeridoo the ability to resonate and amplify a wide spectrum of sonorities. As well, for purists, we now offer a pure silica crystal didgeridoo (99.9% SiO2): it is made especially for us and according to our design specifications.

Quartzophone H1 and L1

Other instruments made exclusively here in the crystal workshop are the Quartzophone H1 (crystal harp) and the Quartzophone L1 (crystal lyre). These instruments — available as both standard models and custom-made instruments — have a unique timbre and celestial, crystaline sound. They are composed of pure crystal tubes (99.9% SiO2), mounted on an acrylic base. Keys, strings and metallic posts create the ideal angle needed to suspend the tubes under tension and give these instruments an optimal sound. We hold patents in many countries on both the design and the mechanism. We cut the tubes to resonate at precise frequencies, so that the instrument is perfectly and permanently tuned and can be played solo or in concert with any other musical instrument.

Quartzophone Solo and Duo

These are our two newest instruments, which we began making in 2013. They are Quartzophone instruments composed of one or two tubes. They have the same patented mechanisms as the Quartzophone H1 and L1. Pure crystal tubes (99.9% SiO2 ) are mounted on a transparent acrylic stand, making a compact instrument which is feather-weight. They are perfectly and permanently tuned. The Duo is the binaural model. They come in a custom-made box designed to protect them.

Crystal artisans at work here

The crystal workshop at Mine Cristal is a space devoted to creation, development and production. In the shop, our crystal artisans design and produce unique products on specialized equipment. Each instrument is signed by its creator and inventor, Gaudry Normand. He is always working on new cristaline instruments.

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