Comments from our visitors

“Thank you! I hope with all my heart that you will offer your talents for many years to come, to many people, with as much generosity, energy, joy, peace and light as you did on July 5th. The world needs this! May the energy of the earth and the energy of the sky support you constantly.
– Myrtille

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“Thank you for the magnificent day spent at the mine, which was very enriching. I really hope to return one day to take a workshop on crystals.”
– Nicole

“We spent a fulfilling day, nourishing and very peaceful.”
– Jean et Raymonde Felix

“During this day, I discovered a site and a people full of beautiful and good energy. I will bring the memory back all the way to France.”
– Monique

“Thank you for sharing this site and this knowledge. This will help bring people closer to the planet – open to it’s positive vibrations. »
– Lucie

“Look at the size of that rock in the museum!”
– Doris J. (9 years old)

“Very beautiful and the popsicles are good.”
– Francis B. (8 years old, Sherbrooke)

“Hello, I am only just starting the visit and I find it fantastic. I also have a collection!”
– Laurence (9 years old)

Crystal vessels

“I wanted to tell you how much the crystal vessels continue to enrich our lives. We work with individuals and groups offering the magic of sound. The vessels are our dear friends! Thank you for the work you do.”
-Beth A.

“The feeling of being supported by the crystal vessel and the complicity which it generated did me much good. I am truly grateful for this marvelous gift!”
– Nancy B.

“The crystal vessel accompanied me very nicely in the plane and sits today in my living room, amazing everyone that comes by. Personally, I use it each time I feel the need to regenerate myself and it is incredibly good for me, it is magical! I hope to see you again another time, in your country.”
– David (France)

“I heard about Mine Cristal at a conference in Switzerland. He spoke about the crystal vessels….So I came to see you during my trip to Quebec!”
– Chantal (Switzerland)

Crystal didgeridoo

“I am still as enthusiastic about the crystal didgeridoo as I was the first day I got it! Thank you for spending time with me one on one and giving me a lesson on playing!”
– Jay M.

“Every time we play the crystal didgeridoo, it creates an extraordinary vibrational field and we are very happy about that!”
-Francesco A. (Switzerland, Italy)

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“We took advantage of our trip to take the guided mine tour of the crystal mine and by chance (it’s never just by chance), that same evening, there was a wholeness concert. We started with the mine tour in the rain, nicely escorted and not cold at all. Very interesting. We spent several minutes in the museum and the store. All the staff members were very pleasant and gave us lots of interesting information.

Then came the crystal vessel concert! What a magnificent experience we were happy to live. Really magic and sublime. We liked it a lot and profited by this unique moments of divine sound. We will be back, that’s for sure.

Following that, we had no choice but to speak about it to our friends.

Continue your beautiful work!”
– Christiane L. et Frank T.

“A big THANK YOU for the wholeness concert. I am trying to put in a single sentence a resume of my experience. I would say, ‘I felt I was loved.” It was a voyage where one is accompanied on the plane, one take a flight for a destination, one’s Source, then one is brought back in first class. The landing was accomplished by the crystal didgeridoo….WOW. And finally, the exchange with the participants. THANK YOU infinitely.”
– Diane J.

“Very very beautiful. Very relaxing.”
– Anna P. (Italy)

“A movement in eternity, a meeting with one’s own soul.”
– Sylvette

“It was very agreeable! Beautiful discovery! Back to the source!”
– Janine C.

“Bravo! Continue these beneficial massages for mind and subtle bodies.”
– Pierre L.

“Magnificent concert for relaxation; to be recommended.”
– Denyse L.

“Super interesting, energizing and nourishing.”
– Chantale B.

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“Fantastic and therapeutic.”
– Jean-Claude B.

“It’s my second concert in two weeks. It’s incredible to feel and to vibrate with the crystals. At one point, I was the sound. The night after the first concert, I slept a very deep sleep.”
– Ronald

“It was a profound, vibrant, rich, modulated experience…to be repeated!”
– Lise

“Marvelous; brings Being to glow in all it’s light.”
– Marie S.

“You have succeeded in reconciling art and science.”
– Denis T.

“Thanks for your kindness and the concert. I come from far away.”
– Luz M. (Mexico)

“ I adore this creativity full of love and joy.”
– Diane B.

“Amazing Grace – how sweet this was!”
– Marge B. (St. Louis, Missouri)

Workshops, conferences

“I would like to thank you for the informational meeting which you presented to us. Everyone was enchanted with the knowledge that we received and especially the potential of this tool for our multi-sensorial project.”
– Lise Couture, Coordinator, Ideal Health Vision, Sherbrooke

“A big thank you for the two workshops last weekend. We appreciated enormously the love with which you transmit your knowledge. It was a beautiful moment for the two of us.”
. Colette et Pierre (Belgium)

“I really like your style of teaching, which calls on the resources in each of us. It’s as if we were all graciously led onto the dance floor and then each decides how he or she would like to dance. It’s inspiring. I will integrate it gradually into my practice of acupuncture and let you know how it goes.”
– Diane J.

“For me, the workshop was a unique, almost magical experience. Even thinking about it today, I am still charmed. Thank you for your great generosity in deciding to allow us all a chance to discover some of the treasures that the earth offers us.”
– Serge P.

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