The crystal sanctuary at Mine Cristal is a natural site, where life-enhancing energy abounds. The quartz vein, filled with pure quartz crystals, creates a powerful energy vortex. Each summer, taking advantage of the energetic properties of this exceptional site, Gaudry and Pauline Normand give workshops designed to promote and nourish life and increase happiness through understanding and direct experience of quartz crystals.

Please note that our scheduled group workshops are offered in French only. We can also offer workshops in English, for your group of 20 or more people, at the mine. You may choose from the following subjects: the Unison® method, the master crystal, crystal vessels (singing bowls), the crystal didgeridoothe Quartzophone® instruments (lyre and harp)

If you wish to book a group workshop, please contact us.

See photos of the courses at Mine Cristal.


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Ils peuvent faciliter la transformation en nous ramenant à notre source, notre Nature Suprême.
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