Gaudry and Pauline Normand are the administrators of Mine Cristal. There, with the help of their staff, they receive some 12,000 visitors every summer. Their passion: to facilitate the experience of cristaline vibrations.

The Normands are teachers, musicians and artisans in the realm of crystals and musical instruments made of crystal. Since the beginning, they have offered workshops on various subjects and presented crystal instrument concerts, where one learns the Unison™ meditation, a unique method taught by the Normands. In their crystal workshop, various acoustic instruments made of crystal are created, developed and made carefully by hand.

The Normands are entrepreneurs, inventors and pioneers

Between 1981 and 1993, they introduced and marketed the futon in different countries. In 1989, they founded Mine Cristal. In this unique crystal sanctuary, the crystals are delicately removed by hand from a 1 km-long giant vein of pure quartz. In 1994, they discovered the crystal vessels (singing bowls) and since then, they have shared these new therapeutic and musical instruments internationally.

Other creations: in 2000, Gaudry created the world’s first crystal didgeridoo. Following that, he invented and began marketing a series of Quartzophone™ instruments made of crystal tubes, including the Crystal Harp, the Crystal Lyre, the Solo and the Duo. His vision is to spread harmonious, cristalline vibrations everywhere, to bring peace and well-being to everyone!

Gaudry has a Bachelor’s degree in Vedic Philosophy and is a yoga teacher. Pauline has a Bachelor’s degree in Education and is a classically trained pianist. Additionally, the Normands are professionally-trained meditation teachers and certified Ayurvedic practitioners.

In concert 2014

In 2018, Mine Cristal will be in its 29th year!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has supported us over the years. You have helped us to make this one of the great energy vortexes of Quebec.

To date, over 300,000 people have visited Mine Cristal, we have given over 1,300 concerts on the crystal instruments and we have sold more than 12,500 crystal instruments. For us, this is a collective way to help increase peace and harmony in the world.

This summer there will be mine tours, courses on crystals and crystal instruments, as well as our unique and enriching concerts. Of course, there is also the store-museum to peruse, where you can purchase crystals from our mine and from around the world, as well as musical and therapeutic instruments made of crystals.

Our team welcomes you!

Damaële Lussier, Pauline Normand, Gaudry Normand, Camille Gauthier, Lauriane Tetrault

(Team 2016)

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