An educational presentation of the world of quartz and quartz crystals!

A guided mine tour is offered regularly at Mine Cristal. Every summer thousands of people participate in this educational activity, to get to know these extraordinary gems and our unique mining techniques.

During the mine tour, which takes about 80 minutes, a knowledgeable guide leads the participants to the mine. The walk is about one kilometer altogether, with several pauses to sit comfortably under a gazebo and listen to the guide. The tour takes the group along winding white gravel paths, in an enchanting environment.

On the tour you will discover a fascinating world; the guide’s lively explanations bring to life in a simple, easy-to-understand language the geography, history, geology, mining, high-tech and industrial applications and energy of quartz crystals. You will have a few minutes to examine the open-pit crystal mine up close and see the giant quartz vein, where crystals occasionally peek out from the cracks and cavities (5-10 minutes). For children that are well-behaved during the tour, a pleasant surprise awaits them at the end! Before walking back to the store you will visit the crystal cave, an artistic facsimile of the environment in which our crystals originally formed. For more information, see Mine.

The mine can only be visited with a guide and on foot. You will want to bring along an umbrella or a jacket “just in case”, as well as some comfortable walking shoes. Mine tours depart at scheduled times, no matter what the weather may bring! For more information, see Hours/$.

After the tour, be sure to visit the store and if it is Sunday, why not enjoy a crystal concert; there is a new, reduced entry fee when you sign up for the two activities together!

See the photos of the mine tour.

Note: for the comfort and security of all our visitors, pets are not allowed on our site or in the store. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Stop by the museum to conclude a memorable visit: Entry is free!

Situated in the same building as the store, the museum offers an excellent complement to the information received during a mine tour. There you will find presentations, posters, photos and of course the most beautiful crystals extracted from our mine.

You will be amazed to see the giant crystal specimens from Brazil; one of them measures over 1,5 meters (five feet) tall! The museum adds a visual and interactive aspect and thus completes a memorable visit to Mine Cristal.

The schedule for the museum is the same as that of the store and entry is free. See Schedule.

See photos of the museum.

Note: for the comfort and security of our visitors, pets are not allowed on our site or in the store. Thank you for your understanding.

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