THE QUARTZOPHONE® L1 (crystal lyre)

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Here is a video of “Grace,” an original composition based on “Amazing Grace,” played on the Quartzophone L1 (crystal lyre) by Pauline Normand:


Here is a video of Pauline Normand playing the Quartzophone L1 (crystal lyre) and the crystal vessels (singing bowls). Do you recognize the well-known musical themes, interwoven into this original composition?



Gaudry Normand, inventor and designer of the Quartzophone® H1 (crystal harp), presents his latest creation: the Quartzophone® L1 (crystal lyre). Elegant and luminously transparent, this unique instrument has refined curves and a slim profile. Inspired by the ancient Greek lyre and using a new high-tech process of thermoforming, it is the perfect mariage of old and new. According to some art critics, this instrument is a beautiful work of art and should be exhibited in museums!

Technical details

The Quartzophone L1 has eight rock-crystal tubes (99.9% SiO2), including the seven tones plus octave of the C major scale, mounted on a transparent acrylic base. Keys, strings and metal pins create the ideal angles to hold and suspend the tubes. It measures about 20 inches high (51 cm) and weighs about 4.3 pounds (1.9 kilograms). It is permanently in tune, whatever the ambient climatic conditions. We give a one-year guarantee on each instrument.

Like the H1 model, the L1 model is a Quartzophone® instrument, handmade exclusively in Canada, in the crystal workshop of Mine Cristal, Bonsecours, Quebec.


These new and unique instruments are protected in many countries by several patents, including both design and mechanical patents.

Different ways to play

This instrument is very easy to play and this is appreciated by both beginners and professional musicians. One can play it laid horizontally on a table, upright on its stand or held against ones’ chest with one hand. Try waltzing with the instrument or making back-and-forth movements; this produces amazing Doppler-like effects!

The strikers are unique: we make them in a special material with a particular density and a felt-covered round end. This design prevents unwanted noises when playing, and facilitates creating pure, cristaline, powerful and soft sounds. By simply tapping lightly on the tubes and by gliding the striker over several tubes, the musician can easily create a sustained synergy of sound, a crystal symphony!

The Quartzophone L1 can be used in various contexts: for its acoustic quality, as a musical instrument, for therapy and to facilitate meditation.

How to order

Contact us to purchase your Quartzophone L1, or to find the authorized distributor nearest you. Note to retailers: if you are interested in becoming an authorized retailer, please conact us.

Learn more

We invite you to a presentation of the crystal musical instruments at a Unison® mini-concert, or you can have an even deeper experience during a Unison® wholeness concert. Additionally, workshops (in French) are given every summer and we also offer private lessons in person and via Skype. Concert and workshop dates and times are posted on the calendar. As well, everyone on our mailing list is notified. To add your name to our mailing list, contact us.

See photos of the Quartzophone L1.

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