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Quartz crystals transformed into musical instruments!


In the long lineage of musical instruments in the form of bowls, there is the jaltarang (an Indian instrument consisting of pottery bowls), the Tibetan bowl made of metal, musical glasses and the glass harmonica. Now there is a newcomer, the crystal vessels, also known as quartz crystal singing bowls. In 1994Gaudry and Pauline Normand were intrigued by high-tech crucibles they saw at AT&T, an important manufacturer. This company was using these pure quartz crystal bowls as containers to grow silicon crystals for computer chips. Having discovered that these crystal bowls had a unique and powerful sound, the Normands started to order them from large, high-tech manufacturing companies.

One of the world’s first recordings of crystal vessels

The Normands coined the name crystal vessels for the quartz crystal bowls, due to their unique ability to transport awareness into an expanded state, bringing an experience of profound well-being. Pioneers of this new instrument, Gaudry and Pauline went on to develop them as an effective tool for music, music therapy, energy work and meditation. They worked closely with important manufacturers to make the crystal vessels available for uses other than high-tech, i.e. for their sonic and musical qualities. In 1995, the Normands traveled to the Giza pyramid in Egypt with a full set of crystal vessels, where they recorded one of the world’s first albums showcasing the musical and meditative potential of the instrument: CrystalÉnergie. Since then, they have given over 1,250 concerts and many courses on these new instruments.

How we classify the crystal vessels

Here in the workshop, we use a digital tuner to identify the exact note of each crystal vessel. Additionally, using our inventory of hundreds of vessels, we create sets of crystal vessels that are harmonious together. Customers can visit our demonstration room and choose a full set or a single crystal vessel according to intuition or musical notes.

Create harmonious and synergistic music

We offer a large selection of vessels in many different tones. We keep over 500 bowls in stock at all times, so that we can offer a large choice of sets and bowls in harmonious tones. Now the conscientious musician can play a powerful instrument that is exactly in tune. In our opinion this is an essential prerequisite for creating music that is exempt of negative side effects for both performer and audience, i.e. if one wishes to create nourishing, harmonious and synergistic music. In our crystal vessels course we share our knowledge and experience and show how to use them responsibly.

Silica: the basis of well-being

Crystal vessels are made of 99.9 % pure silica (SiO2). Because we are partly composed of silice, we resonate with the crystal vessels. Crystal vessels produce a nonlinear, multidirectional sound which surrounds us and vibrates within us. This is due to the molecular double-helix structure of quartz crystals, along with the circular form of the instrument. The superfluid sounds penetrate every dimension of our being and flows through our body like a wave, bringing the relaxation of a good massage and the well-being of a good meditation (expansion, silence, fullness).


A large inventory to choose from

If you wish to create harmony and well-being all around you at will, you may purchase crystal vessels from our vast inventory. We are the largest singing bowl retailer in Canada: we have sold more than 13,000 to date, with the collective desire to awaken peace and harmony in the world. We have over 500 crystal vessels in stock at all times! During our special events or by private appointment, in our demonstration room, we will meet with you privately and help you choose a single instrument or a harmonious set of crystal vessels. Prices start at only $245. We offer a large selection of vessels: frosted, clear, coloured, gold-plated, titanium-plated, etc.

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Our albums

CrystalÉnergie: Gaudry Normand plays his own compositions on the Crystal Vessels. Recorded in the Kheops pyramid in Egypt and in studio, this album brings deep relaxation and facilitates expanded awareness. These compositions were conceived of as an exploration of the many possible ways of playing this new instrument. There is the chakra set, the pentatonic set, the binaural and multinaural sets, the crystal vessels played with a violin bow, the dolphin sound, the perfectly tuned vessels, head songs accompanied by the vessels, etc.! To hear, purchase and download, see below !

Crystal Christmas: Gaudry and Pauline Normand play Christmas carols and original compositions on crystal vessels. An album that evokes the true spirit of Christmas. All the pieces on this album were recorded on perfectly tuned crystal vessels. This allows for a completely harmonious and pure experience. To hear, purchase and download, see below !

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